If you have a name, you already have a personal brand. It just might not be the one you intended! You see, your brand is your reputation and your credibility. Your trustworthiness. It is what you’re telling the world about yourself. But do you know what you’re saying? To best communicate your brand to others, you need CLARITY OF SELF, CLARITY OF PERCEPTION, and CLARITY OF PRESENCE. This is where I can guide you to become more intentional about your message.


You could benefit from coaching if you have:

  • Been passed over for a promotion
  • Trouble communicating your unique promise of value
  • Difficult conversations or relationships at work
  • Been feeling stuck


And personal brand coaching is great for all career stages, whether you are:

  • Starting a new job – Learn to present your intentional, authentic presence
  • Continuing at the same job – Actively manage perception to open new opportunities
  • Transitioning to a new career or starting over – Decide how to position or reinvent yourself


When you actively define your personal brand, you can send a clear and consistent message about who you are and what you’re good at, and why people should trust you. Your success lies in your ability to be YOU—the best version of you! And the best news? Everyone is capable of making that journey.

If you’re highly motivated to learn, grow, and change, you will get the most out of coaching with me. Let’s begin bringing clarity to your career.