What Brands Do You Trust? Circle-Kraft

Think of your favorite brand. Why do you choose it? Chances are that brand has delivered consistently, behaved the way it said it would, and fulfilled its promises. Because people build relationships with brands, brands carry power and value. And guess what—people have brands, too! And just like corporate brands, personal brands are all about reputation and credibility and building trust. Trusted brands create loyal brand ambassadors and fans. And who wouldn’t want a fan club of people who want to hire you, work with you, and endorse you? To get there, people need to know who YOU are through your personal brand.



What Is Your Personal Brand?

Personal branding isn’t about adopting a fake persona; it’s about becoming more YOU—the best version of you. You are not your job title, your company, or your past actions, and neither is your personal brand. Your personal brand is the relationship you have with yourself and the relationship you have with others. Your personal brand is also how you stand out from the crowd. What makes you unique? What will draw people to your special skillset? Where do you really shine? This is what people will come to know and trust about you.

But knowing what makes you special is only part of it—people also want to work with brands that deliver consistently and behave predictably. Brands need to do what they say they will, because people thrive on consistency. Consistent behaviors reap positive labels: “steady,” “loyal,” “solid,” and “trustworthy.” Inconsistent behaviors earn harsh labels: “unreliable,” “unstable,” “fickle,” and “wishy-washy.” Knowing that, why don’t our personal brands always reflect the best version of ourselves?




How Do People Perceive You? Circle-Saying

Wouldn’t it be great to actively shape people’s perceptions? To be intentional about your personal brand? When you become intentional about your personal brand, you become more influential because you can better manage perception. It starts with an awareness of what your personal brand is telling the world:

  • Do you know what people think of you?
  • Do you need to reshape some perceptions?
  • Do you know how to clearly communicate your unique value?
  • Do you know why you do what you do?

A personal brand coach can help you achieve the awareness you need to craft your intentional personal brand.


What Do You Want to Be Known For?

With a personal brand coach, you can take charge of your reputation and personal brand identity. Create what you want to be known for—be intentional in steering your career.

Is personal brand coaching right for you?